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I want to work here.  I want to work here. I want to work here.


Olive and Company

“luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.”


isn’t that true?

Olive&Co. agrees.

Well I am just in love. Everything about them is awesome. Their name, their work, their clients, their website… j’adore Olive & Co.  The Coloplast packaging concept is really sweet! (Take a look!)  I would feel a little less uneasy injecting something into me if it came in a package like that! And, there seems to be an equal balance of men and women, which is important to me in the workplace.  I’ll definitely be following these folks and eventually send my resume their way!


Yep, I want to work here.  What a fun bunch and great work. Oh, and they do a lot of WordPress in their work. By the end of 2012, I plan to be a WordPress maestro. So, I’m pretty sure I’d be awesome here someday. Someday soon, hopefully.  And, the pooch is super cute and probably awesome.


Go East Design Firm

These guys look pretty cool! Their client list is impressive — Target, 3M, Thinsulate (oh I love the mittens!) Lands End, Macy’s, just to name a few. And I like how they introduce everyone on their team right on their website… as a client, I would feel more comfortable and more likely to make a contact with the company. As a potential job applicant, I definitely feel more comfortable, plus I have the opportunity to “stalk” their creative people on the Internet and learn more about their work and how they got to Go East. I would make a parallel to my own track and see if they compare at all to me. They are definitely allowing themselves better applicants by showcasing their already amazing creative team (and accounts people  and business people!)  I like their website, too. Ironically, a lot of interactive design firms have really clunky and cluttered websites– but this one is highly effective and simple to navigate.

Blog Attempt #12: Moving to Brazil.

I always have thought I’d move somewhere far, far away. But in the recent years, I have been pretty cool with staying in Minnesota/Wisconsin because it’s pretty sweet up here.  Now, I might just have to move to Brazil and work for Isabela Rodrigues Design Studio. Holy Cow. LOVE!!

Blog Attempt #4: Little & Company

I have been aware of this design firm for a few months, but I think it would be such a neat opportunity to work at Little & Company.  It’s a privately-held, Minneapolis-based, women-owned design firm. There are about 29 folks in personnel and Little & Company began its life in 1979, so it has a strong, timeless foundation to stand on.  Plus it’s sweet that it’s owned by a couple of rad ladies. They specialize in brand strategy, advertising, corporate communications, and interactive media. Some of their clients include Target, Health Partners, AIGA, MCAD, and Microsoft. What I love about their style and marketing efforts is the cleanliness and orderliness, their quirky twists here and there… it’s simply beautiful. I love the RedBrick Health promotions they did… totally my style of digital illustration.  I would love to take a tour of their studio and meet some of these folks someday!

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