Atomic Playpen

November 16th, I am likely going down to the Cities for a little event at space150 sponsored by the MIMA (Minnesota Interactive Marketing Association) for students to learn about design agencies. They will give some insight and understanding on who is responsible for what and what all of those obscure titles mean. Like, what does the Account Manager do? Manage accounts? Okay?


There is a panel of folks from local design agencies that will be speaking. One of the panelists, Jenny Perona, from Atomic Playpen will be there, as well as reps from Little and Co, Colle + McVoy, and space150.  Not sure if I am going to be able to afford the gas, but it’s free for students and I could use a little “me” time.

Anyway, this even led me to do some research. I was already familiar with Little&Co and Colle +McVoy (which is WHY this event is super important that I go to– I love the work from both of these firms). So I explored Atomic Playpen and they pretty much rule.  They did the website for the National Pork Board.  C’mon, guys. That’s awesome.

Here’s a link to Atomic Playpen:

Here’s a link to the special student event, “Who’s Who in the Agency World?” sponsored by MIMA:

Okay, bye!


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