Applause for Plaudit

I know that sounds stupid. I love bad titles.


Here’s an excellent interactive agency in the glorious land of St. Paul, Minnesota! And, even greater news: THEY’RE HIRING A UX DESIGNER! I am working up the courage right now to send my resume in. They don’t even have that little bit of wordage that always causes issues with me: “5+years of experience”.  I got 4 1/2 years of a darn good education under my belt, and zero work experience (however, interning at the Tweed Museum of Art has offered me a helping of “working for clients”).  Okay, I’m gonna do it. Right now. Sending that resume…


They don’t specify if they want a cover letter! Oh my gaw, what do I do?!?! Do they want to hear how awesome I think they are? Do they want to know how I think I’d fit in with their excellent company? Don’t they care if I will enhance their team AT ALL? Probably. Hopefully my portfolio will speak for itself.


Ahh, the nerve-wracking sensation of blood zooming to my spine…


here goes!


check ’em out, ya’ll!


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