Parting the Veil of Faery

Holy cats.  Or, I should say “holy faeries!!!”


‘A Scottish adventurer, inventor, and photographer named Neville Colmore claimed to have constructed a device capable of “…parting the veil of Faery…”. The device, which he called the “Spectobarathrum”, produced beautiful photo graphic plates he called “fatagravures”, through a now lost process. The original “Spectobarathrum” along with all of the images he claimed to have made were believed destroyed in a fire.

‘The images were first made public in the 1890′s. They were presented in scientific lectures and were by and large ignored’

John Glenn

This is unbelievable. And it apparently comes from the 189os. Incredible. It looks like some crazy photoshop-fisheyecamera-weathered-dirtied amazing piece of digital art.  Just look and be amazed.  I found it while searching for steampunk inspiration. This is probably enough to give me a nightmare.


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