Brand New

So glad I discovered this! It displays lots of things in relation to brand identity,  but I love the focus on before and afters… and how sometimes the new logo is not better than the old one.  Today I was eating Yoplait Greek yogurt (seriously not a fan– it’s edible, but if you’re going to eat greek yogurt, go for the good stuff like Greek Gods or even Chobani). I noticed that the logo looked different than what I remembered it (I hadn’t had yoplait in probably 3 years). So I searched around for a minute (I was at work) and found this amazing photo of what the Yoplait container looked like when it first came to America (from France, I think).  If Yoplait still looked like that, you can bet I’d be picking it off the shelf over chobani or oikos.  I looked around on Google again for it, I can’t find it now.  I’ll check my browser’s history on the computer at work and see if I can find it again.  Anyway– got off subject sort of.


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