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and my heart just beats with tenacious love.

Seriously, this girl is a genius.  Nicole Meyer is creating one logo every day for each of Minnesota’s TEN THOUSAND LAKES.  She predicts that it should only take her about twenty seven years to complete this project.  Talk about commitment…


i’ll have some of your brains, and you can have some of mine.

Minneapolis is just a wonderful city for creative & ridiculously smart people to live, work, network, and connect.  The grain exchange building has become a hub for flourishing companies, with brains backing it up.  Even with this day in the technology age, projects and ideas happen much faster when working face-to-face, and CoCo and other similar groups recognize that and use it to their networking advantage. They are making connections that would not otherwise happen, and beginning the development of some truly amazing projects.  Maybe someday I’ll be parked down there with all those other brainy folks.

Applause for Plaudit

I know that sounds stupid. I love bad titles.


Here’s an excellent interactive agency in the glorious land of St. Paul, Minnesota! And, even greater news: THEY’RE HIRING A UX DESIGNER! I am working up the courage right now to send my resume in. They don’t even have that little bit of wordage that always causes issues with me: “5+years of experience”.  I got 4 1/2 years of a darn good education under my belt, and zero work experience (however, interning at the Tweed Museum of Art has offered me a helping of “working for clients”).  Okay, I’m gonna do it. Right now. Sending that resume…


They don’t specify if they want a cover letter! Oh my gaw, what do I do?!?! Do they want to hear how awesome I think they are? Do they want to know how I think I’d fit in with their excellent company? Don’t they care if I will enhance their team AT ALL? Probably. Hopefully my portfolio will speak for itself.


Ahh, the nerve-wracking sensation of blood zooming to my spine…


here goes!


check ’em out, ya’ll!

Olive and Company

“luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.”


isn’t that true?

Olive&Co. agrees.

Well I am just in love. Everything about them is awesome. Their name, their work, their clients, their website… j’adore Olive & Co.  The Coloplast packaging concept is really sweet! (Take a look!)  I would feel a little less uneasy injecting something into me if it came in a package like that! And, there seems to be an equal balance of men and women, which is important to me in the workplace.  I’ll definitely be following these folks and eventually send my resume their way!

Parting the Veil of Faery

Holy cats.  Or, I should say “holy faeries!!!”


‘A Scottish adventurer, inventor, and photographer named Neville Colmore claimed to have constructed a device capable of “…parting the veil of Faery…”. The device, which he called the “Spectobarathrum”, produced beautiful photo graphic plates he called “fatagravures”, through a now lost process. The original “Spectobarathrum” along with all of the images he claimed to have made were believed destroyed in a fire.

‘The images were first made public in the 1890′s. They were presented in scientific lectures and were by and large ignored’

John Glenn

This is unbelievable. And it apparently comes from the 189os. Incredible. It looks like some crazy photoshop-fisheyecamera-weathered-dirtied amazing piece of digital art.  Just look and be amazed.  I found it while searching for steampunk inspiration. This is probably enough to give me a nightmare.

Stefan Sagmeister Gives Some Advice

Well, hey, that’s nice.


Stefan Sagmeister gives an interview on about launching your design career.  Coming from such an inspiring and successful (oh, yeah, and famous) designer, his words will be of benefit to anyone.  You can watch the video here.


Here’s a quote that I just love, and it helps me to know that I can attain a career in what I love- DESIGN.  And, yes, I am unstoppable.  I think I’ve proved that in life already, and will continue doing that until I die.  🙂

“It helps if you really want this. Some sort of hunger or desire to do good work is very helpful. You need to have common sense and an ability to get things done. You need to be unstoppable, in that you can climb walls and overcome hurdles.”



Thank you, Mr. Sagmeister.  I think you’re quite brilliant.

The Nerdery Overnight Website Challenge

Seriously,  these guys & gals effin’ rock.  They do such amazing and fun things.  They really know how to be a successful company: pose worthwhile challenges to their employees, allow a little bit of silliness in the midst of intense brain labor, and do sweet things for other people. I would love to work for this company; in fact, it’s my dream to work here. I might apply for a summer internship in user experience.  They’re all about that, man. User experience and highly powered websites. And they do this really cool  event where they have teams and they have 24 hours to complete a website for a non-profit org (pro bono!) Love it. Love seeing good people doing good things for other good people.  Melts my heart.

Brand New

So glad I discovered this! It displays lots of things in relation to brand identity,  but I love the focus on before and afters… and how sometimes the new logo is not better than the old one.  Today I was eating Yoplait Greek yogurt (seriously not a fan– it’s edible, but if you’re going to eat greek yogurt, go for the good stuff like Greek Gods or even Chobani). I noticed that the logo looked different than what I remembered it (I hadn’t had yoplait in probably 3 years). So I searched around for a minute (I was at work) and found this amazing photo of what the Yoplait container looked like when it first came to America (from France, I think).  If Yoplait still looked like that, you can bet I’d be picking it off the shelf over chobani or oikos.  I looked around on Google again for it, I can’t find it now.  I’ll check my browser’s history on the computer at work and see if I can find it again.  Anyway– got off subject sort of.

Birdhouse Typography

LOOOOOVE IT!  A typeface designed by Nishant Jethi made of wood and each letterform functions as a birdhouse.  neato.