Blog Attempt #1

Oh, irony. How you creep up on a daily basis.

During the duration of my college career, professors have constantly asked, sometimes begged, the students to not use social media technology in the classroom. This week, I had the first classes of my very last semester of my undergrad. My teacher for my Senior Design Studio course asked us to sign up for a Twitter account as our first assignment. My jaw nearly dropped to the table. All these years we have been asked to refrain from the use of twitter, facebook, and the like, and now my teacher is requiring it for the course?! What the what?

I have been sort of anti-twitter person since the beginning of the social networking boom. But now, I finally have to join the tweets and twitters only on the condition that I do not have to follow celebrities (except Ellen Degeneres, duh) and I don’t have to make a peep if I don’t want to.

Sounds like a deal.

Then I got curious about social networking. The only social connection I had previously to starting a blog and joining Twitter was 1. facebook, 2. LinkedIn, and 3. Behance.

I found this cool little slideshow.  Get click happy.

After clicking through these slides, I am now inspired to get a Flickr. And I am definitely friend-requesting the White House on Facebook.

I now know that social media is the new way to find a good job that is the right match for me and I am the right match for them. Now, I gotta go and delete all the photos from my freshman year of me with my neck down the bottle of UV vodka off of my Facebook.


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