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Blog Attempt #11: Moodswings.

This is an iPhone app designed by Gustav Schiring and Wiktor Persson from Stockholm, Sweden (I think…).  The app allows the user to identify the mood they are in and give a reason, and then they are able to track other user’s moods to figure out what environmental or social reasons might be for the particular mood… Very interesting! And I love the approach to the design and usability– they have these awesome little “emoticons” that represents the mood and a corresponding color palette. A very nice psychological little tool they have here!


Blog Attempt #11: Compost, Baby


So cool! I need one! Maybe my plants won’t die.

Blog Attempt #7: Larsen Design


These guys look so professional! It would be so sweet to go meet some of the folks at Larsen. I love their work, especially their interactive design!

BLOG ATTEMPT #7: The Internet Map

I’ve always wondered what the Internet would like if it were like its own galaxy… hell, even its own universe. I found this map on but you can take a look at the map here.   Each color represents a different country (the USA is in blue) and the larger the circle represents the larger amount of web traffic.

BLOG ATTEMPT #6: Go Daddy…. or not.


I briefly caught a segment of this on the radio on my commute. I didn’t catch all of it, but I was curious what the big deal was, so I went to my trusted MPR news to get the details.  I recently just learned that is a webhosting service; I honestly thought it was an online dating service for old men and young ladies.  Hope they can figure out what the cause of the problem is and get back up and running. I haven’t encountered any websites that were not working– I’m super thankful is not hosted by Otherwise, I would have been screwed for tomorrow’s Interactive Design II class.  But what a bummer for people trying to manage contacts with clients and customers.


BLOG ATTEMPT #5: Potholes suck.

Seriously, potholes suck. And the people of Duluth know that all too well. One winter, I was driving near UMD and a pothole bent the shit out of my rim, thus causing my tire to become incapacitated. Luckily, I was right by a tire repair shop, so I brought my old volvo. The repair man knew that the notorious Duluth potholes had killed my rim, so he fixed her up and put the tire back on for FREE. My unlucky day suddenly got lucky, and I’ll never forget how nice that man was.  However, I still hate potholes.


Until now. Now I can appreciate them. Because of this:

Blog Attempt #4: Little & Company

I have been aware of this design firm for a few months, but I think it would be such a neat opportunity to work at Little & Company.  It’s a privately-held, Minneapolis-based, women-owned design firm. There are about 29 folks in personnel and Little & Company began its life in 1979, so it has a strong, timeless foundation to stand on.  Plus it’s sweet that it’s owned by a couple of rad ladies. They specialize in brand strategy, advertising, corporate communications, and interactive media. Some of their clients include Target, Health Partners, AIGA, MCAD, and Microsoft. What I love about their style and marketing efforts is the cleanliness and orderliness, their quirky twists here and there… it’s simply beautiful. I love the RedBrick Health promotions they did… totally my style of digital illustration.  I would love to take a tour of their studio and meet some of these folks someday!

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Blog Attempt #3: the Life Stories of Famous Logos

Technically, this is the fourth attempt at a blog entry; however, one of the entries ended up on the blogroll.  Anyway…


I have always been interested in logo design and brand identity systems, naturally. I am a graphic designer, of course.  I found this book on which chronicles the stories, histories, and evolution of 100 famous logos, including Apple, 3M, and Lego.  It’s amazing that such cemented corporate logos can change so drastically but still be recognizable by color, typography, or other certain elements (like the Texaco star).


Here’s a link to the article on designboom:
And here is a preview of the book itself from the publisher, BIS Publishers:


Perhaps this will go on my christmas list from santa this year.

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